Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New information that could help hundreds of people

Studies have found that engaging with others and reading can stimulate the mind.  I have found that interacting with others online and reading and participating in blog comments and conversations is a good learning tool.  Interacting with others from around the country and around the world can open your eyes to many different opinions and ideas.  I can imagine a day when this blog will be full of comments and information that will be of benefit to many.

In my continued studies and participation on other blogs I hope to discover what it is and what people are looking for and how to bring them into the conversation.  I know that more frequent post and interesting topics are the key to a successful blog.   My focus is on helping and serving others.  Perhaps instead of talking about it I need to do just that instead of rant and rave on my sounding board.

With that in mind I will try to post topics that can help and serve people.  I anyone has anything in mind let me know and if not I will go with what I know.

What is a topic that interests you?

Garrison Reekers
Researching solutions for a better way of life

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