Monday, December 13, 2010

The beginning

Today I take the first step to making Reekers Research and Solution Center a reality.  December 13, 2010 is the day I have taken the first step past conception.  With the support of my wife I have started this blog and created email accounts to begin my mission if researching solutions for a better way of life.  I have been inspired over the last couple of years to make a difference in my life and in order to do that I realize that I can best do that by making a difference in the lives of others.

I have gotten involved in several areas of small community life and have enjoyed it.  I first got involved with Cub Scouts with my son and became the leader to make sure that Scouting was available to kids in our community.  I became more active in my church and find it very fulfilling to get involved.  While attending a city council meeting one evening when my kids were at bible school I became aware of a future vacancy that needed to be filled and later found myself getting appointed to that position after applying for it.  I then got elected to the position in 2009 defeating a write-in candidate.

I accredit propelling myself to these positions by first getting motivated listen to Tony Robins on an infomercial and buying one of his programs.  As crazy as it seems I spent a lot of money on it and did not start the program when it was delivered.  One day I decided to start listening and my life began to change and things started clicking.  I was completely in to Tony and started using many of his ideas to make life changes.

Books, CD's  and talk radio began to become a part of my life.  There is so much great information out there and I was learning that studying what has worked for others could work for me too.  There is no one secret to life, but many pieces of a puzzle that come together to make your own picture ( I have to admit that just came to me and sounds good, if it has not been said before it should have and feel free to quote me).  In taking in all of the information over the last couple of years and a lifetime I have learned that there is no bad information or topic to study, it is what you do with that information and have the ability to apply or know that it is not for you is what is important.

In typing my first blog post I find that this could be a very creative outlet to help me become a better person so I can in turn help others.  I am excited to begin this journey and pick up others along the way.


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